Are Landlords in Maryland Responsible For Bed Bugs?

Many tenants in Maryland are curious about the answer to the question, “Are Landlords Responsible For Bed Bugs?” The answer is frequently YES; landlords are liable for pests in the apartments they own and manage.

Before renting or leasing a structure, Maryland law specifies that landlords are responsible for eradication. When you move into a single-occupancy unit, such as a single family house, YOU are responsible for the eradication for the duration of your stay. The property owner is responsible for eradication in multi-occupancy units, such as apartments.

If you find yourself in this situation in a multi-occupancy unit there are bed bug lawyers that can help you.

The first step is to get an inspection to determine if your dealing with a bed bug situation. Most complex have their own general pest control company that usually don’t specialize in bed bugs. Here at ECO Bed Bug Maryland we specialize in bed bug detection and eradication.

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